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Denatured Ground

Ink Jet Prints, ink, acrylic, postcards, mylar

This project was generated from a series of photographs I took from a small airplane over Midland/Odessa Texas, the center of the West Texas oil and fracking boom. The work combines the aerial photographs with images off of google maps to create the grid and network of roads and rigs one sees from the air. All of the natural sections of the landscape have been cut away. Stiftung-5313_1.jpg Stiftung-5308_1.jpg Stiftung-5311_1.jpg Stiftung-5317_1.jpg Stiftung-5321_1.jpg Stiftung-5327_1.jpg Stiftung-5328_1.jpg Stiftung-5332_1.jpg Stiftung-5336_1.jpg Stiftung-5337_1.jpg Stiftung-5338_1.jpg