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For the Deep, phase 2

For the Deep, Phase Two is derived from maps of the arctic seafloor; video and photographs taken while onboard USCG icebreaker, The Healy; audio recordings of ships, ice and marine mammals recorded from the bottom of the Arctic Ocean; and sub-bottom profiles of the geology of the Arctic. The primary map-structure of For the Deep depicts the US efforts in the Arctic to support Article 77 of the UN Convention for the Law of the Sea. In an effort to determine the location and span of the United States’ continental shelf north of Barrow, Alaska, scientists are mapping the seafloor using sonar. The path they choose to map is determined by where it is believed the continental shelf might extend and where the ice pack allows the ship to break through. In this process, we gain strands of information that bring to light this submerged topography. We also loose bits of information, as the sound of a 420 foot ship crashing though at times thick sea ice interrupts the sonar used to visualize the Ocean’s geologic formations. from adriane colburn on Vimeo.